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Music Archive - This page contains music and interpretations that are not in our current repertoire, but are interesting all the same.
Past Events 2006 to 2016 Some information about past events from 2006 to 2016

January 2020, Thursday  2nd, Trois Pas d'Ici

Trois Pas d'Ici

We were pleased to welcome Trois Pas d'Ici a great new trio of three young women from France for their first gig in England. They play wonderful traditional music from Poitou in the south, as well as the Auvergne and Sweden. With two driving fiddles and diatonic accordion, they produce some great music for dances including the Avant-deux, Maraichine, Bal Limousine and Congo. But they also play standard balfolk dances: bourées, mazurka, scottish, valse, etc. and some lesser known ones such as Rond d'argentons or bourée 3 temps from the Morvan region. And to top it all they also sing in harmony for dancing – a beautiful experience.   As they say “hear our strings (vocal and steel), bellows, keys and bow.” with Nina Lachia and Marie Peyrat both on violin and Lucile Marsac on diatonic accordion, as well as voices and bellows.  

Pas1 Pas2 Pas3

More info:

https://soundcloud.com/3pdc https://fr-fr.facebook.com/3PasdIci/  

Le mot du mois Word of the month
trois pas d'ici three steps (or blocks) from here


December 2019, Wednesday 4th, End of Year Party

We celebrated the end of the year with an evening of dance and music. The year we  show cased the talents of four groups: Alan+Sholto+Andrew, Dansons, Pied à Terre Band and the Kitchen Band.

November 2019, Wednesday 6th, Club Night

Sadly, Yannick Minvielle-Debat and Michael Beeke  had to cancel because of a bereavement so we had a club night instead.

October 2019, Wednesday 2nd, Club Night

September 2019, Wednesday 4th, Trio Durand Millet Raillard

Trio Duran Millet Raillard

For four years and many bals, in France - especially in Burgundy, Switzerland, Germany, England, these three friends always have so much fun sharing music for dance that has deep and effective sounds!

From effective melodies on the bagpipes, to a certain groove carried by the guitar and in the middle a violin that plays with nuances and dynamics the repertoire comes mainly from traditional Morvan music - Auxois to which they are attached and that we want to continue to make live!
More information:
  Depuis quatre ans et de nombreux bals, en France et notamment en Bourgogne, Suisse, Allemagne, Angleterre, ces trois amis ont toujours autant de plaisir à partager une musique au service de la danse par des sonorités profondes et efficaces !

Des mélodies efficaces à la cornemuse , un groove certain porté par la guitare et au milieu un violon qui joue avec les nuances et les dynamiques, le répertoire provient essentielement de musique traditonnelles du Morvan - Auxois auxquelles ils sont attachés et que nous voulons continuer à faire vivre !
En savoir plus :

http://www.triodmr.com/   https://youtu.be/3k1tkk1Fd1E   https://www.facebook.com/Trio-Durand-Millet-Raillard    https://soundcloud.com/triodmr

July 2019, Wednesday 3rd, Bof !

Bof !

This month were are pleased to welcome back our old friends Bof ! In 2000, Bof !  started playing as a four-piece band specializing in traditional French and Breton music for dancing or listening. During that time they have played in folk clubs, for dance groups and at festivals in England and France, as well as organising regular French and Breton dance workshops and public dances in East Anglia, as part of the Burybal and Prêt à Danser groups. The band’s repertoire is mainly traditional music from Central France and Brittany, but also includes compositions by members of the band and others.

June 2019, Saturday 22nd, Special Event with David Shepherd and Anna Pack, supported by Zebrafish

Dave Dhepherd and Anna Pack

Huge thanks to David Shepherd & Anna Pack, also Fran Broady with Zebrafish and all who came and played, danced, ate and laughed!! A lovely midsummmer day and night of amazing music.

Dave Shepherd and Anna Pack

Dave is well known as the fiddle player in Blowzabella has a vast repertoire of dances and fiddle music from England and western Europe. Anna is a dancer and musician with a longstanding interest in French traditional dance and has performed with Karen Tweed and others in The Chase and Circa Compania, both as a dancer and player of the diatonic accordion.  Dave and Anna’s music and dance repertoire are drawn from various European dance traditions. They place great emphasis on passing on the traditional forms of dance and music but are also sensitive to innovation within the genre to adapt to changing social circumstances of the 21st Century. To this end, Dave and Anna not only play for dances and bals, but have also created the TradDance Project, presenting dance and music workshops to promote a wider interest in the dances and music along with the related cultural and historical background.  


Although each individual member of Zebrafish is a familiar face at Pied à Terre, they join us as a group for the first time on 22 June, to share/lead a mixture of song and dance. They will be bringing a new traditional song for dancing to the Pied à Terre repertoire as well as some sixteenth century French dances. Christine Adams (fiddle, accordion, nyckelharpa), Fran Broady (fiddles, voice), Louisa Young (recorders, clarinet, voice) and Biggles (Chris Pugh) will be teaching/leading the dances

June 2019, Wednesday 5th, Club Night

Tution by Alice, Roger and Quentin on waltzing and the Montagnard.

May 2019, Wednesday 1st, Club Night

Richard, assisted by Roger and Alice taught a circular schottische, while Quentin taught La crosada (a bourrée variation )and Alice a schottische variation.

April 2019, Wednesday 3rd, Folk Salad

French bal with local musicians - Folk Salad - beginning with a workshop for bourrées + a Breton, and Basque, dance.   A fun and interesting evening of popular French bal dances accompanied by a rich and varied French/Scandinavian fiddle sound;   plus a couple of different but simple dances from the north and south of France to begin with in the workshop.  

March 2019, Wednesday 6th, Les Hirondelles

Les Hirondelles

A lovely evening with a musical collaboration across two of the Eastern counties, Les Hirondelles formed in 2018 to play for the inaugural East Anglian Summer Bal.  With influences from Blowzabella, Ciac Boum, Dave Shepherd among others,  this 4 piece comprising fiddles, flute, recorder and guitar play a mix of energetic Breton and French dance tunes aimed to get everyone on their feet.

Le mot du mois Word of the month
D'habitude, tu gazouilles comme une hirondelle. You're always chirping away like a swallow.


February 2019, Wednesday 6th, Club Night

Roger taught gave some pointers on good waltz technique while Alice taught some scottische variations she had just learnt.

January 2019, Wednesday 2nd, Salmanazar


We were pleased to welcome back our old friends Salamanazar to kick start the New Year. Great tunes, great dances familiar and some new from Alsace , taught By Cedric.

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December 2018, Wednesday 5th, End of Year Party

Dancing Santas

An excellent evening of festive fun with four (yes four) great bands: the Kitchen Band, Salade de Folk, DanSons and the Pied  à Terre Band.

November 2018, Wednesday 7th, Kerry Fletcher

Kerry Fletcher

 Huge thanks to the wonderful Kerry Fletcher who taught us some fantastic new dances and variations!! Also to the PaT big band (25 musicians!! - a record number) who played so beautifully. A great evening of music and dance.

October 2018, Wednesday 3rd, Club Night

Quentin taught the montagnard and la bourrée tournante des grandes poteries; Roger the avant deux and Vicky a  bourrée variation.

September 2018, Wednesday 5th, Dave Shepherd

Dave Shepherd


Dave Shepherd is best known as the fiddler in Blowzabella and over the years has developed a distinctive style. Several of Dave’s compositions have become standards both here and in Europe. Dave is well known as a teacher of traditional dance and fiddle in the UK and abroad. As well as playing in Blowzabella he has played in a duo with Becky Price (Boldwood), currently plays with Belgian accordion player Simon Gielen, and more recently has begun researching the English dance tradition and formed a duo with diatonic accordionist Anna Pack to present dance workshops and play for dancing.

July 2018, Wednesday 4th, Bof!


An excellent evening from Bof! sent us off on our summer holidays with a spring in our step. Bof!  started playing as a four-piece band specializing in traditional French and Breton music for dancing or listening to. During that time we have played in folk clubs, for dance groups and at festivals in England and France, as well as organising regular French and Breton dance workshops and public dances in East Anglia, as part of the Burybal and Prêt à Danser groups. In recent years Breton singer Gwendal Moële has joined our line-up on many of our gigs. The band’s repertoire is mainly traditional music from Central France and Brittany, but also includes compositions by members of the band and others.

June 2018, Wednesday 6th, Club Night

Richard and his assistants taught the valse ecossaise en ronde

June 2018, Saturday 2nd, Summer Bal

Garden Background

Pied à Terre invites you to an East Anglian Summer Bal Saturday June 2nd. Fans of French music and dance are cordially invited to join us for an East Anglian Summer Bal where groups from all over the region are going to band together to play music, eat, drink and dance.  

£5 Entry - Bring your own drinks

St Thomas's Hall, Earlham Road, Norwich, NR2 3RG.

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May 2018, Wednesday 2nd, DanSons


Three musicians familiar to Pied a Terre will be lead our May session, with caller Biggles introducing a mix of club favourites and less familiar dances. DanSons band members are Pied a Terre band workshop leader Helen Boreham (accordion and clarinet), Louisa Young (clarinet, bagpipes, vocals, percussion) and Fran Broady (fiddles, vocals, harp).

April 2018, Wednesday 4th, Ben Hooke Band

Ben started with a workshop, looking at style and variations of a couple of popular French partner dances (5 time waltz and Rondeaux en couple) + revise/learn a couple of other simple favourites in the French dance repertoire (Bal Limousin and Avant Deux à Coutant) followed by a traditional (mostly!) French bal, with dances in couples, circles and squares. With an interval set from the  Pied à Terre musicians.

March 2018, Wednesday 7th, Club Night

Tuition by club members Quentin, Roger and Vicky.

February 2018, Wednesday 7th, Club Night

Tuition by club members Quentin, Roger and Vicky, to refresh the dances that Kerry last taught us.

January 2018, Wednesday 3rd, Salmanazar

 A stonking start to the New Year. Salamanzar filled the room and our hearts with joy.

Salmanazar are Philippe Laussine, Sébastien Benoît, and Cedric Martin. This trio play really danceable and traditional French music on box, pipes and hurdy-gurdy. Many of you will know Cedric from the duos Expire and Moussaka. Philippe has huge experience having played with Cliff Stapleton and Nigel Eaton in the past. He plays on electric hurdy-gurdy like Gregory Jolivet of Blowzabella. Sebastien has also played in various bands for many years on a range of large and small pipes and whistles. So a new trio of experienced musicians who explore the roots of their respective instruments (hurdy-gurdy, diatonic accordion, bagpipes) giving them a new dimension. The character of their music is always drawn from the dance rhythms of Western Europe and especially central France.

December 2017, Wednesday 6th, End of Year Party


An excellent time was had by all as our musicians entertained us with some new and some familiar dances and tunes.

November 2017, Wednesday 1st Trio Zinzon

Trio ZinZon (Chris Shaw, Caroline Shaw and Mel Stevens) played dance music from Brittany, Central and South-West France. Based in south-east England, they play for Festoù-Noz, Bal Folk and Bal Occitan (i.e. French dances from the different regions). They also run dance and music workshops.

October 2017, Wednesday 4th, Club Night

Quentin and Roger help us to revise the dances that Kerry taught in September.

September 2017, Wednesday 6th, Kerry Fletcher

Kerry Fletcher

Kerry Fletcher make a welcome return to Pied à Terre. With a wide range of experience of traditional dance styles, she has spent much time in Europe, particularly Sweden and France, both working and of course, learning dances! She now specialises in teaching the dances of these countries. Having studied ballet in her teens, Kerry returned to study as a mature student, achieving qualifications in; the Dance Foundation Course at Tower Hamlets (including Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz), the Dance Leaders in the Community Course, and City & Guilds Adult Education Teaching Certificate part 1 at Morley College, where she taught on the Performing Arts Access courses, and the City & Guilds adult education teaching certificate.

July 2017, Wednesday 5th, The Two Nicks

We were pleased to welcome back our old friends The Two Nicks, A joyous evening started with a music workshop where Nick taught one of his own compositions. There followed two sets of melodious playing to a packed dance floor, with an interval from our own musicians. The Two Nicks' music has its roots in Brittany, France, Sweden and the British Isles, with distinctive and driving interpretations of French dance music, alongside a captivating repertoire of self-penned compositions inspired by folk dance, played on mandolin, tenor guitar and diatonic button accordion. Nick Wiseman-Ellis and Nic Zuppardi have been performing together for over ten years, with concerts at festivals and folk clubs across the UK and abroad. They have previously performed at Sweden’s Umefolk Festival, Skint, and Ethno Histria, alongside being finalists in the Swedish Young Folk Band of the Year with fiddle player Ida Meidell-Blylod. Based in Germany, Nick Wiseman-Ellis performs with German trio Iontach, and has led melodeon workshops in Germany, Sweden and Finland. Nic Zuppardi currently performs with The Georgia Shackleton Trio and old time duo Clark and Zuppardi, as well as regularly teaching and leading workshops on the mandolin.

June 2017, Wednesday 7th, Club Night

This month Quentin taught us Le Prochier and La Montangarde, while Roger taught a bourrée-waltz.

May 2017, Wednesday 3rd, Swedish Dance

An evening of Swedish music and dance with Barbara Kelly and Bowjolie.

Barbara Kelly

Barbara Kelly is a talented dance leader with an infectious love of dancing which she brings to an engaging programme of Scandinavian country dances including mazurka, minuet, long dance, Engelska, gammel reinlander and pariserpolska.


 Bowjolie are Chris Dyer and Christine Adams playing arrangements of tunes on nyckelharpas fiddles and accordion.  Chris will teach a 'dance kit of tunes' that will include polskas, slängpolskas, Engelskas, schottis and waltzes at our musicians workshops. Chris is a regular performer at dance clubs and dance festivals in the UK. She regularly tops up her musical accent with trips to the Swedish summer festivals where she plays with the Boda and Aspeboda spelmanslags. Multi-instrumentalist Christine Adams is an experienced teacher and performer. As well as playing for dancing with Bowjolie, she is one half of the Kent based vocal duo Fiddle and Faff. The musicians’ workshop will be led by Chris and give a “dance kit of tunes” with the emphasis on giving tunes the “Swedish accent”. Music for tunes will be available via the musicians email list. This will be followed by dance tuition by Barbara who will teach Swedish versions of some already familiar dances as well other dances and helping us with polska style and technique

April 2017, Wednesday 5th, Two Bens plus Sarah and Vicky with Special Guest Steve Turner

Steve Turner

Thanks to Ben, Ben, Vicky and Sarah for a lovely evening of music and dance. Also to Steve Turner for the interval set. Thanks also to all the lovely dancers.

March 2017, Wednesday 1st, Club Night

This month we featured the bourrée, which according to one source is, a very lively old traditional French dance from several mainly Southern provinces. It is usually played and accompanied by a Cabrette (one of the French bagpipes) a Vielle (hurdy-gurdy) and fiddle and accordion. Depending on regional customs and rhythm (2 or 3 beats) the dance can be slightly different but always awesome. Three club members, Serena, Quentin and Chris, each taught us to their favourite  bourrée,

February 2017, Wednesday 1st, Carla Gomes

This month were pleased to welcome Carla Gomes, who taught us the basics of Chamarrita, a Portuguese dance from Azores.

January 2017, Thursday 5th, Expire + Moussaka + Big Jeans

At the Silver Road Community Centre, 34 Silver Road, Norwich NR3 4TB

Wonderful to welcome Expire and Moussaka (and friends) back to Norwich to start their tour. A fantastic evening of great music, beautiful dancing and friends old and new! Huge thanks to everyone who pulled together to make the event a success - dancing on a Thursday...Just to keep us all on our toes!!

Some links:


January 2017, Wednesday 4th, Club Night - Free


Lovely evening dancing to Dansons and the PaT band. A real bonus, thanks everyone - let's do it again tomorrow at Expire!!

December 2016, Wednesday 7th, Christmas Party with Bof !

We welcomed back our old friends Bof, to start the Christmas festivities. The filled the room with music and people dancing.