Pied à Terre

Forthcoming Events

November, Wednesday 29th, Informal Session at the Dog House

An informal session downstairs at The Dog House  from 7:30 pm. This free session (as long as people buy drinks to keep the landlord happy) will be a chance for musicians to play their favourite tunes and for dancers to participate when they get the urge! 7.30 - 8.30 pm - musicians' slow and steady practice 8.30 pm onwards - playing for dancing.

December, Wednesday 6th, End of Year Party


This year we showcase the talents of our musicians in a multiplicity of different lineups. We will be  kicking off with the Pied a Terre band,  which will then break up into smaller groups to bring you new and exciting tunes and arrangements... but don't worry, they'll be coming back together at the end of the evening for a finale.  

January, Wednesday 3rd, Salmanazar

 Salmanazar are Philippe Laussine, Sébastien Benoît, and Cedric Martin. This trio play really danceable and traditional French music on box, pipes and hurdy-gurdy. Many of you will know Cedric from the duos Expire and Moussaka. Philippe has huge experience having played with Cliff Stapleton and Nigel Eaton in the past. He plays on electric hurdy-gurdy like Gregory Jolivet of Blowzabella. Sebastien has also played in various bands for many years on a range of large and small pipes and whistles. So a new trio of experienced musicians who explore the roots of their respective instruments (hurdy-gurdy, diatonic accordion, bagpipes) giving them a new dimension. The character of their music is always drawn from the dance rhythms of Western Europe and especially central France. You can hear them here

February, Wednesday 7th, TBC

March, Wednesday 7th, DanSons


More details soon.

April, Wednesday 4th, Ben Hooke Band

We will start with a workshop, looking at style and variations of a couple of popular French partner dances (5 time waltz and Rondeaux en couple) + revise/learn a couple of other simple favourites in the French dance repertoire (Bal Limousin and Avant Deux à Coutant) followed by a traditional (mostly!) French bal, with dances in couples, circles and squares.

May, Wednesday 2nd, TBC

June, Wednesday 6th, TBC

July, Wednesday 4th, Bof!

More detail soon