Pied à Terre

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Covid Considerations

Please remember that different people have different perceptions of risk – some people will not want to dance with someone they do not regularly meet with.

 Wednesday 6th July – Dave Shepherd

We welcome back Dave Shepherd, best known as the fiddler in the fantastic Blowzabella.  Dave is well known as a teacher of traditional dance and fiddle, and several of his compositions have become standards in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.  He has played with many top musicians in the European music genre, including Becky Price, Simon Gielen and Anna Pack, and we have welcomed him here at Pied à Terre several times in the past. Dave will lead a music workshop, followed by a Bal with some dance teaching.

Note the earlier times

Wednesday 3rd August - Club Night

We don’t usually meet in August as many people are away, but we have had a music and dancing deficit over the last two years, so we need to make it up!  The room is available, and at the June meeting enough musicians and dancers said they would like to meet in August, so we thought we’d give it a go.  Even if there aren’t many of us we can still enjoy dancing and music with friends. So make a note in your diaries!

Note the earlier times