Pied à Terre

Forthcoming Events

Sunday 12th September Outdoor Picnic

 Following the success of our picnic in Eaton Park a few weeks ago, several people have asked if we could have another one, so we’d thought we could just fit one in before the Autumn takes hold. See Eaton Park webpage to find out where the park is. It has toilets, café and car parking - see map below, which shows where we will be picnicking - bring your own favourite foods! We’ll be on the grass, so please bring rugs and chairs to sit on and the weather could be showery so be prepared.

We will be playing some music - informally, not a programme of performances. No dancing has been organised, but some people may wish to dance.

Although there are no longer formal restrictions on dancing, present Government and NHS guidance is to use caution to avoid catching or spreading Covid-19, and that to minimise risk at a time of high prevalence of the virus, we should limit close contact.

Eaton Park Map

Wednesday 6th October - Pied à Terre Evening

Following the success of our September club night, we plan to do the same in October and November at the Canary Social Club, 104 Thorpe Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 1RT.

From 8.30ish we’ll look at how many people have come along and see what we would like to do.  The musicians will either play for some selected dances (there won’t be any formal dance tuition) or just play through some more tunes for people to enjoy. The Canary Club is operating normally; it’s a big space and we’ll see what ventilation we can achieve on the night. We are not going to set out a list of rules, but please everyone follow good common sense, and remember that different people have different perceptions of risk.  The Canary Club’s stance on face masks is that they are optional.  

Wednesday 3rd November - Pied à Terre Evening 

 Same as October