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November, Wednesday 2nd, Club Night

Roger reminded us of the En Avant-quatre du Tregor, which Dave Shepherd taught last month and Quentin showed some basics for the Mazurka

October, Wednesday 5th,  Dave Shepherd

Dave Shepherd

Dave Shepherd is best known as the fiddler in Blowzabella and over the years has developed a distinctive style. Several of Dave’s compositions have become standards both here and in Europe. Dave is well known as a teacher of traditional dance and fiddle in the UK and abroad. As well as playing in Blowzabella he has played in a duo with Becky Price (Boldwood), currently plays with Belgian accordion player Simon Gielen, and more recently has begun researching the English dance tradition and formed a duo with diatonic accordionist Anna Pack to present dance workshops and play for dancing.

This month Dave came to teach both the dancers and musicians, among the things he taught was the music and steps for the Rond de l'ile d'Yeu

September, Wednesday 7th, Club Night

A well attended start to the new season. Roger started with evening teaching the waltz, with tips about stance and footwork. Later on Quentin taught the Grande Poterie, and we rouned the evening off with informal dancing.

July 2016, Wednesday  6th, Club Night

A low key, but enjoyable, evening following the excitement of the birthday bash. Roger help us to refresh our 'Avant Deux' knowledge.

June 2016, Saturday 25th, Special Event - Our 20th Birthday with Xim and Guests

Our 20th birthday bash was indeed very special. We celebrated our shared passion for European music, dance, food and most importantly friends! All made even more poignant in the face of recent events. So a very big thank you to every who came. Here are a few photos from our Facebook page:

A very special birthday party for the group. Old and new members came to play music, dance, eat and celebrate.

Posted by Alice Lyons on Monday, 27 June 2016

June 2016, Wednesday 1st, Club Night

Quentin taught the Russian Crown and Alice the Avant Deux followed by an evening of informal dancing.

May 2016, Saturday 14th, Special Event - Bernard Loffet

Bernard Loffet


Bernard Loffet the renowned accordion player and maker.  The indomitable Bernard is well known for his barefooted playing and singing while leading dances. He has a wealth of knowledge of Breton dances and songs to go with them. You can see Bernard play on Youtube here and here. Together with Chris and Caroline Shaw of Duo Mistral he gave us an excellent day of music, singing and dancing.

Duo Mistral


May 2016, Wednesday 4th, Club Night

Excelllent music with tuition from Alice and Roger on a circle bourrée the schottische.

April 2016, Wednesday 6th - 2 Bens Plus Vicky and Sarah

Fantastic fun - Ben, Ben, Vicky and Sarah played beautifully and the dance floor was full!

March 2016, Wednesday 2nd - Kerry Fletcher

It would be hard to find a more enthusiastic or competent teacher than Kerry Fletcher. We were pleased to welcome her back to teach us the schottische with dance etiquette tips,  la redova and the bunch of cherries mazurka. The evening was rounded off with Ravi of Solska (see below) playing in the middle of the room for us.

February 2016, Wednesday 3rd - Club Night

We were treated to tuition in a progressive Schottische and bourrées for beginners by Alice, Roger and Vicky.

January 2016, Wednesday 6th - Club Night

A convivial start to the New Year. The musicians tried some of the new the arrangements learnt at the Special event with Paul James, while Quentin and Ted  taught the bourrée, waltzs and Schottische to new dancers.

December 2015, Saturday 12th - Christmas Special Event with Paul James, Solska and the Pied à Terre Band

Paul James



The Pied a Terre Band

The Pied à Terre Band

December 2015, Wednesday, 2nd

A club night with tuition by Ted for the finer points of waltzing and Quentin on the Grand Poterie.

November 2015, Wednesday 4th - The Two Nicks


This month we were pleased to welcome back Nick Wiseman-Ellis and Nic Zuppardi of Triette, both accomplished graduates from the Folk and Traditional Music degree based at Newcastle University. This was the last chance to see them for sometime and they certainly made it a memorable eveing.

 October 2015, Wednesday 7th - Club Night

Excellent tuition of the Rondeau and Carnaval de Lantz by Ted followed by informal dancing to our very own musicians.

September 2015, Sunday 13th - Musicians at the Bishop's Garden

Our musicians played at the Bishop's Garden from 1 pm  in support of the RSPB fund raising event for Strumpshaw Fen.

September 2015, Wednesday 2nd - Bof!

  Bof! first band to grace the stage at our new venue - The Canary Club. A great time was had by all.


Phil Lyons  

Val Woollard Paddy Butcher Simon Haines


July 2015, Wednesday 1st: The Triangle Band

Here they are on Facebook


March 2015, Wednesday 4th: Dance Tuition with Ted Bell

Ted Bell taught us the Italian Polka and the Swedish Bakmaes.

February 2015

January 2015

December 2014: Wednesday 3rd, Bof!

 Bof! were up to their usual high standard and a great evening was had by all.


Phil Lyons  

Val Woollard Paddy Butcher Simon Haines

November 2014, Wednesday 5th, Kerry Fletcher

Next slide It would be hard to find a more enthusiastic or competent teacher than Kerry Fletcher. This time she taught us:
  • Lo Sbrando - An Italian hoppy thing

  • Zweifachers - Waltzes with extra bits

  • A Mazurka refresher

  • Bunch of Cherries - A square progressive mazurka -

October 2014, Wednesday 1st October, Club night

Ted taught the Carnaval de Lanz, Quentin (with assistant from Alice) the Rondeau and Robert two boureeés.

September 2014, Wednesday 3rd, PaX-4


We were pleased to start the new season with music from PaX-4, the latest incarnation of a band which started off as the trio who were the powerhouse of not only the seminal band ‘XiM’ but also the colossal project that was the Massif Village Orchestra. The band base their music on the intoxicating, drone-based dance rhythms of Central France

<< Gerry of PaX-4



July 2014, Wednesday 2nd

We said farewell to Keir Hardie Hall in the best way possible - A full evening of music and dance.

June 2014, Wednesday 4th

Tonight, Quentin and Roger took us through the finer points of waltzing.

May 2014, Wednesday 7th, Nick Zuppardi & Nick Wiseman-Ellis


This month we were pleased to welcome back Nick Wiseman-Ellis and Nic Zuppardi of Triette, both accomplished graduates from the Folk and Traditional Music degree based at Newcastle University. Their distinctive sound is grounded in the tradition of French and Breton dance music, as well as the rich music traditions of Sweden and England. They have performed at festivals and folk clubs across Europe, collaborated with Karen Tweed and German folk group Iontach, as well as being finalists in the Swedish Young Folk Band of the Year Awards 2011.


April 2014, Wednesday 2nd, Scandinavian Dance Workshop

In a well attended night, Michael lead us through the Polska and Swedish waltz. For more information about Michael: scandi-dance.blogspot.co.uk www.facebook.com/ScandiDance

March 2014, Wednesday 5th, Club Night

Quentin with Robert and some help from Ted, taught us some new bourrees and the Carnival de Lanz.

February 2014, Wednesday 5th, Guest Band: Allan and Moss

These two accomplished and experienced musicians joined forces in 2012 and play traditional and self composed tunes. They have an abiding enthusiasm for French and Breton music, and play a wide range of instruments including lute, hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, saxophone and flute. They have worked in bands such as Shave the Monkey, Dragonsfly, Green Angels, Pipe Factory, Citizen Camembert and others, and worked with many other well-known musicians. See their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/allanandmoss

January 2014, Wednesday 8th, Expire and Moussaka

A room full of people started the new year dancing to the high energy playing of Expire and Moussaka. This is their fourth visit and they always exceed our expectations.

Winners of the prestigious Duo Prize at the Chateau d'Ars Festival, Expire (Cédric Martin and Flavien Di-Cintro) and Moussaka (Flavien Di-Cintio and Vincent Fisson) brought the electrifying energy of two accordions to the dance floor for the third time. These are some of the best young traditional musicians in France and helped us start the new year with a bang,

December 2013, Wednesday 4th, Xmas Party

Well we had lots of festive fun with our very own Pied à Terre band and guest spots from The Kitchen Band, Frank plus Jerry, and Steve Kellet

November 2013, Wednesday 6th, Club Night

Well it was a hot evening in more ways than one. Quentin refreshed our knowledge of three bourrees and Roger the Carnival de Lanz. We rounded the night of with a Grande Poterie.

October 2013, Wednesday 2nd, Bof!


A great evening with our friends Bof!. They treated us to a few new dances and tunes as well as beautifully played old favourites.

Val's unusual bass recorder sparked some interest,

Paetzold by Kunath Basset F Bass Recorder

All four members of Bof! have a long history of involvement in English folk song and dance music. As well as this, they all share a love of the traditional dance music from central France and from Brittany. After an annual meeting at a festival in France in 2000, they decided to form an occasional band to play together for fun and to provide dance music for the groups of people who had taken up the love of Bal Folk in different parts of England. Almost everything they play is for dancing and is delivered in the 'Trad' style, with skill and passion. They play for festivals, dances, bals folk, concerts, twinnings and other occasions, on a range of authentic traditional instruments. To date, Bof! have made three CDs: Reve a Verteillac, La Vache qui danse and Le Gai Matelot. Click for more information.

September 2013, Wednesday 4th, Club Night

Roger refreshed and increased our Schottische skills.

July 2013, Wednesday 3rd, Club Night

June 2013, Wednesday 5th, Dance Tuition Kerry Fletcher

It would be hard to find a more enthusiastic or competent teacher than Kerry Fletcher. She came to teach us some Auvergne Bourees and the Carnival de Lanz.

April 2013, Wednesday 3rd, Les Zéoles

We were pleased to welcome Les Zéoles  for their first ever gig in England. They are a dynamic Parisian duo with the diatonic accordion of Amélie Denarié and the chromatic accordion of Anne Guinot. They have been playing together for over 10 years. Their self-penned lyrical, bittersweet and playful dance tunes are inspired by both traditional and classical French and European music. They have produced two albums full of great dance music - Des Papillons dans le Ventre (Butterflies in the Belly) in 2009 and Sur Mesure in 2011.

March 2013, Wednesday 6th, Club Night

February 2013, Wednesday 6th, Scandinavian Dance Workshop

Michael Cade-Stewart first came to Norwich in 2004 to learn polska with Kerry Fletcher. After nearly a decade of dancing Scandi in the UK and Sweden, he returned to share with us what he's learnt!

A keen teacher as well as dancer, Michael has led regular workshops in Scandinavian dance in Ketton since 2009, and at festivals such as Skint, Hartington Village Hop, and Blowout.

His teaching takes inspiration from that of his friend Anton Schneider, as well as from the many other distinguished teachers from Scandinavia who have taught him. Michael combines these approaches with exercises that he has designed to overcome the particular challenges that British dancers can face when learning Scandinavian dances.

For more information: scandi-dance.blogspot.co.uk     www.facebook.com/ScandiDance

January 2013, Wednesday 2nd, Expire and Moussaka

Winners of the prestigious Duo Prize at the Chateau d'Ars Festival, Expire (Cédric Martin and Flavien Di-Cintro) and Moussaka (Flavien Di-Cintio and Vincent Fisson) brought the electrifying energy of two accordions to the dance floor for the third time. These are some of the best young traditional musicians in France and helped us start the new year with a bang,

December 2012, Wednesday 5th, Our Christmas Party

We celebrated the festive season with music, dance and food. Gerry of Pendragon new band PAX(N) entertained and delighted us. We rounded off the evening with very own Pied a Terre musicians 

November 2012, Friday  16th, A Special Event

We were lucky enough to welcome the gifte French accordionists Christian Maes and Emmanuel Pariselle to Norwich. Really wonderful music. Thanks to Chris Shaw for bringing them , the whole PaT team for working together so brilliantly and St Catherine's Hall for a great venue.

A Weekend of French Music and Dance Sat 31st March - Mon 2nd April 2007

Big thanks to Steve Ferra for all the photos - Click for a larger view

Our Hosts

Greg & Cara Samways (Joffreny Loisirs), Cadanses Folk (the musicians), Jean-Pierre and Chantal Taycheny and Cadanses Folk dance teacher Anne-Marie.

Informal Session at the Hotel- Friday Evening

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Bal - Saturday Evening 

Bal Folklorique at St. Victurnien (30 miles away). This is an example of one of the many local Bals.

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Musicians' Workshop - Sunday Morning

A chance for the English musicians to play through the dance repertoire with the Cadanses Folk musicians for a couple of hours. Go to the videos page for about ten minutes from the last hour of the session.

Dance Workshop - Sunday Afternoon

With Anne-Marie (in French) and the Cadanses Folk

Dance Broadband Dial-Up Tunes
A step dance done in a circle, with the number of lifts (sauts) increasing by one each time, up to seven. Les sept sauts
Sarah and Derek make sure they've learnt the Marachine, which is a dance from the Poitou region T' as perdu ta queue mon renard

Dans le lac de Grand Rouge

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Mini Bal - Sunday Evening

Dances and Tunes

You can download a listing of the dances  and the tunes to go with them.

May Bal 2006   

Get the feel of the event with Nick Warns's short video on the videos page

The recent 10th Anniversary celebrations began with a Petit Bal on Friday evening. The club musicians, including long-standing and new members, started the proceedings with an hour-long set of tunes for over a dozen different French dances. Later, Norwich based Thievin' Crows played their first official Bal and went down a storm. The band, most of who have played together in sessions for several years (currently at Coldham Hall, Surlingham), played an interesting and danceable set of tunes and songs –including a Breton gavotte and the processional Montagnard from Central France. The dancers appreciated the band’s innovative use of a flipchart to forewarn them of which dance to do!  


Saturday began with a workshop for musicians led by Steve Ellis and Geoff Beilby. Steve had written a new waltz ‘Trowse Meadow’ especially for the event and this, as well as a schottische and a mazurka (also by Steve) were learnt by the group of accordion, recorder and guitar players. Useful tips were given on how to play as an ensemble and for dancers. Lunchtime; and some of the musicians repaired to the Duke of Wellington for a session, which included some tunes on the traditional Swedish nykelharpa. In the afternoon Steve Ellis and Marion Ludwig led a dance workshop, teaching a five-time waltz and some interesting Zwiefache dances (irregular waltz types from north-east France and the Alsace). They also taught some couple dance variations and a Courante; an elegant Branle style dance from renaissance France.

Saturday evening saw the Grand Bal and ‘Ultraviolet’ (Steve Ellis, Geoff Beilby and Marion Ludwig) entertained with their own original French style tunes on accordions, clarinet, flute, recorder and guitar. Halfway through the evening an extra treat was provided by Frank Vickers, Paddy Shaw and Nick Carpenter from the popular Norwich band ‘Xim’ and all long-standing/founder members of Pied à Terre. They played a contrasting style of tunes with their rhythmic bourrées and groovy scottisches on gurdy, pipes and accordion. Visiting band ‘Pach Pi’ - Daniel Wolverson (also a founder member of P à T), Ravi Sawney and Mike Gulston - also performed an intimate set of interesting tunes on fiddles, guitar and vocals and included a lilting Swedish polska, some Breton andros and hanter dros and lively Auvergne style bourrées.  

Pach Pi doing a guest spot

The weekend was rounded off with a session at The Shed at lunchtime on Sunday.

SB, 13.06.06