Pied à Terre



Click on the Playlist Menu Icon to see the videos available. They are as follows:


St Chartier 2006 - Experience The French traditional music and dance festival with Nick Warns's short video.

May Bal - Our 10th Anniversary in miniature by Nick Warns.

Courbefy Musicians' Workshop - From our French trip.


Sept Sauts - is danced in a circle, with the number of lifts (sauts) increasing by one each time, up to seven. From our French trip

Simple Mazurka - From a dance workshop at the University of East Anglia.

Breton Dances 2 - One of the two videos of mostly Breton dancing by Nick Warns from one of our recent meetings. (Number 1 will be added, when it is split to meet the YouTube 10 minute restriction.)


Marachine - Sarah and Derek make sure they've learnt the dance, which is from the Poitou region. From our French trip

Fandango - Probably the most intricate dance that a few us are trying to master in the Fandango. This video clip is a small part of Kerry Fletcher showing us how.

Musicians' Workshop - One of our musicians' practice sessions.