Pied à Terre

Musicians Admission

Pied à Terre greatly values the contribution of its musicians. We are very lucky to have such a great 'house' band and lovely live music for dancing. As you know the regular musicians' practice sessions, 7.30 - 8.30, are free and well attended. However, many people stay on after 8.30 to dance, enjoy the band and/or play, and it seems are not sure what to pay - some have paid full rate, while others assume that they are not expected to pay. To clarify the situation we intend to revise the admission charging policy from May 2013, as follows:

Club Nights

 Musicians who participate in the playing have free admission for the whole evening.

Tutor Nights

 Musicians who come just to play have free admission for the whole evening.

Guest Band Nights 

 We ask that musicians who join in the dancing pay the concessionary rate, except for under 18s who are welcome to dance for free.

We hope this slightly altered system still recognises the contribution the musicians make to the success of . The suggested concessionary payment may help the club break even on these occasions, which usually run at a significant loss. If you have any views on this please let us know.

The Committee