French and European Dance in Norwich

Forthcoming Events




November, Wednesday 2nd Club Night The Canary Social Club
December, Wednesday 7th Christmas Party with Bof! The Canary Social Club
January, Wednesday, 4th Expire + Moussaka + Big Jeans The Canary Social Club

Christmas Bal 2015 


20th Birthday Bash 

Christmas Bal with Paul James 2015 Dancing at the Canary Club with Bof! Dancing at our 20th Birthday Bash

About Us

Pied à Terre was formed in 1996 by a group of musicians and dancers who wanted to play, listen and dance to traditional French music in Norwich. Since then, the group has held monthly sessions, see below for details. The music includes tunes for couple dances such as schottisches, waltzes and mazurkas, bourrées (generally danced with a partner in a line) and circle dances such as the Circassian Circle and Chapeloise, the former is probably familiar to most English Ceilidh dancers. Traditional French instruments include accordions, bagpipes and hurdy gurdies and these, as well as fiddles, recorders, clarinets, guitars and percussion instruments are all played at Pied à Terre. We are keen to encourage other forms of European dance and currently include some Breton and Swedish styles in our repertoire. For more information: To be added to our email list:



Beginners welcome, no partner needed. Please let us know if you would like to teach dance on Club Nights or have any special requests.


The Canary Social Club,  104 Thorpe Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 1RT

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See the musicians page , which has some tunes to help your practice, if you are interested in playing at Pied à Terre. 

Two of our Musicians: Vicky and Anthony at Leiston 2011


First Wednesday of each month, except August.


Musicians and dancers in the Bishop's Garden in support of Amnesty, May 2011. Photo Brian Leach

Forthcoming Events


November, Wednesday 2nd, Club Night

  • 7:30 - 8:30   Musicians' workshop (free)
  • 8:45 - 11:00 Dancing with the Pied à Terre band and tuition by club members
  • £5, £4 concessions, U16 free

December, Wednesday 7th, Christmas Party with Bof !


We welcome back our friends Bof!. To start the festive celebrations.

All four members of Bof! have a long history of involvement in English folk song and dance music. As well as this, they all share a love of the traditional dance music from central France and from Brittany. After an annual meeting at a festival in France in 2000, they decided to form an occasional band to play together for fun and to provide dance music for the groups of people who had taken up the love of Bal Folk in different parts of England. Almost everything they play is for dancing and is delivered in the 'Trad' style, with skill and passion. They play for festivals, dances, bals folk, concerts, twinnings and other occasions, on a range of authentic traditional instruments. To date, Bof! have made three CDs: Reve a Verteillac, La Vache qui danse and Le Gai Matelot. Click for more information.

  • £7, £6 concessions, U16 free  

January, Wednesday 4th, Expire + Moussaka + Big Jeans


Those of you who have been lucky enough to see Expire play before at Pied à Terre will know just how good they are. Well this time they are bringing their friends, so we'll have four excellent musicians and three great bands:

  • Expire  - Winners of the prestigious Duo Prize at St Chartier festival, France,  Expire bring the electrifying energy of two accordions to the floor for the dances of central France. On YouTube
  • Moussaka - Will move us to the more hypnotic dances of Brittany.
  • Big Jeans - A new trio bringing strong and varied musical colours to the bal.


  • £7, £6 concessions, U16 free  


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